Working Together in Groups and Teams

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The Blended Learning Course “Working together in groups and teams” is an equivalent for tiny groups or individuals to the classroom training on this topic. The course content is similar to classroom training.

The blended learning training also focuses on experiential learning as a method. The participants are given exercises similar to those in the face-to-face training, making the same learning topics visible as in group training.

After the exercise, a review of the process and the result is conducted each time. The practice and the review results are discussed in the subsequent coaching sequence together with the online coaching in a virtual meeting.

The participants receive the same theory inputs as in the live training in digital form. Delegates can ask questions about the theory during the coaching sessions. For individual clients, four coaching sessions of one hour are included in the price.

Corporate clients, please contact our office if you are interested in our blended learning programmes. (

Training Description

  • Task and process
  • Recognising process strengths
  • Good cooperation is…
Well-known aiming formula
  • Kiss-Smart
  • Aiming formula
Working with Aims
  • Exercise Quotes
  • Self-reflection
  • The importance of asking Why?
  • The Coverdale Aims Grid
  • Exercise Aiming I
  • Exercise Aiming II
  • Online Coaching I
  • Exercise Posters
  • Self-reflection
  • Online Coaching II
  • Time horizons of goals
  • Working with criteria
  • Making criteria measurable
  • Who can be a client?
Working Systematically
  • A systematic approach
  • Exercise systematic approach
  • Online Coaching III
  • The cyclical application of the systematic approach
  • Working with reviews
  • Planning time
  • Transfer Exercise
Team Development
  • Stages of team development
  • Forms of cooperation
  • Self-reflection
  • Online Coaching IV

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