Successful Decision-making

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Training Description

  • Why decisions are difficult
  • Self-reflection
  • 1st and 2nd order decisions
  • Deciding rationally and intuitively
  • Self-reflection
  • Different types of decision-making
1st order decision-making techniques
  • Decision tools in list form
    • Pro-Contra List
    • The Benjamin Franklin List
  • Decision tools based on pairwise comparison
    • Pair comparison
    • Preference matrix
    • A decision tree with K.O. criteria
  • Decision tools as a matrix
    • Utility analysis
  • Deciding with the help of scenarios
    • Best Case – Worst Case Scenario
    • The Coverdale “decision onion”
  • Decision tree diagrams
    • Decision tree and probability
2nd order decision-making techniques
  • The Coverdale Amis Grid as a decision-making tool
    • Making decisions
  • Personal values and decisions
    • Identify the most important values
    • Explore your own values
Deciding in the face of uncertainty
  • Effectuation

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